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Main Features

Inspection, Compliance & Calibration Plans


Chemistify eases your daily routine tensions by taking care of all inspection, compliance & calibration plans and their readings. You may also add as many plans, readings and types suitng the need of your organization.

Automated Inventory Management


Whenever you enter the test readings, inventory is automatically manipulated to reflect the latest changes. No more manual inventory updates to ensure an up to date inventory, it's all magical with Chemistify.

Comprehensive analytics & report generation


We value your reporting, analytic needs & most importantly the key indicators helping you to understand progress better. Chemistify's reporting engine helps you to ensures realtime progress.

Tests Scheduling


It's pretty tedious to remember all the test you have to perform recurringly. Chemistify's tests scheduler let's you schedule your tests once and reminds you on time. So you don't have to remember anything.

Procedural Documenttaion


Chemistify helps you to keep all your documents at one place. Now your new and existing employees can easily access the procuedures and guides from single place and keep in synchronization.

User Management


Every inch of Chemistify can be changed to allow/disallow access to users with only few taps. A user can be defined to view, create, edit and delete items residing within one or more modules.

Daily Backups


Chemistify understands the importance of crucial data hence it takes automated daily backups so you don't have to be worried about data loss at any given stage. You can also take manual backups.

Low Inventory Alerts


Chemistify alerts you with inventory items that are below a certain threshold configurable via Settings. So you could order more inventory from store or warehouse as soon as it's nearing the end.

Sleek Data Entry


Entering data into the system is so simple, you have option to either enter bulk amount of data at once spanning up to multiple test plans with various tests or enter data for just one plan with few tests.

Main modules with screenshots

  • Inventories

    Manage all the inventories, after initial setup it's all automatic.

  • Tests

    Tests creation and inventory linkage and management.

  • Plans

    Creation and management of all type of test plans.

  • Plans Scheduling

    Schedule future plans to be executed later and never forget anything.

  • Data Entry

    Simplest data entry module for single or bulk plan entries at once.

  • Test Reports

    Comprehensive test reports with charts and export options.

  • Inventory Reports

    Inventory reports for low, most used etc. inventory items.

  • Procedures & Documentation

    Procedures & Docs to enter the data and other activities in lab at one place.

  • Users

    Complete management of users, addition, activation/deactivation.

  • Access Control

    Control who could access what areas in the system.

  • Dashboard

    Overview of what's happening in all the areas.

  • Settings

    Manage various system settings from one place.

Other features


1 Chemistify is completely transactional product. It keeps the record of all the actions performed by the users, which can be later traced back to them to catch if there is something wrong.

An example would be inventory records manipulation, whenever inventory is updated either via peroformance of test or manual update, it's kept in the record to be traced back who did what changes in the inventory.

Audit Compliant


You don't need to be worried about audit trails when it comes down to Chemistify. Due to it's transactional architecture, every action in the system can easily be traced to the source.

An example of audit trail would be data entry records, which permit back dated entries in case readings had been recorded earlier, but along with those back dated entries real date and times are also stored secretly to ensure later trails.

100% Customizable

3 Chemistify is designed in a way to cater any sort of additions at any stage of deployment, so if your organization has different structure of reporting, test performance or any other modules, we could customize it for you up to any extent.

Examples of customization could vary from branding till more business intelligence statistics and various reporting/chart types. So you could define anything you want different.

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